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updated 8/23/10

Nothing like A Good Book

Below find a list of books we recommend to all newcomers. The first one tops the list as a must have for dog owners of ANY breed, pet or show.


** Dog Owners Home Veterinary Handbook  *by Delbert G. Carlson D.V.M and James M. M.D.


The Joy Of Breeding Your Own Show Dog   *by Ann Seranne


The New Art Of Breeding Better Dogs *by Kyle Onstott *revised by Philip Onstott (out of print, but worth finding a used copy. Try to Google the title & author)


The Pomeranian Review  (official publication of the American Pomeranian Club of which we are members. People new to showing might be among those most interested.)


The Winning Edge, by George Alston


New Secrets of Successful Show Dog Handling, by Peter Green and Mario Migliorini

We will add to this list of great literature as time permits.

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