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updated 8/23/10

There are many different places where you can purchase some of these products. I have tried to simplify your search by suggesting where you can buy almost everything you'll need in two places. I've picked merchants I shop with and believe they have some of the best prices. I'd like to pass that information on to you!

Most of the tools and products listed below can be purchased at Kings Wholesale Pet Supply   To order online go to: http://www.kingwholesale.com/  I have provided their product item numbers and prices to help you select the correct item from their website.

I've made 2 suggestions for shampoo that can be bought from Kings Wholesale. I don't have a favorite from there as yet.

  • Shampoo ~ #1 All Systems Crisp Coat Shampoo item #1ASA600 price / $6.99

  • Shampoo ~ 1st Impressions shampoo item #1ST14702 price / $12.99

Magic Touch Grooming spray Formula #3 ~ It's concentrated! Mix 15 parts water to 1 part product.  This will last a very long time! You will need this to mist the coat as you brush and groom. item  #CR01718, price / $23.99 

  • Ear cleanser #1All Systems Ear So Fresh item # 1ASE501 price/$9.99

  •  Slicker brush ~  #1 All Systems small slicker brush.  item #ASD101 price/$6.49

The tines are softer on this brand than some others. We do not want to use hard stiff tines on our babies :)


  •  Pin brush ~ #1 All Systems 35 mm pin brush.  item #1ASD902, price $14.95 YES, it makes a difference! Local pet stores almost never have the right kind of brushes. Often the pins are too stiff or they have knobs on the tips, or the tips scratch the skin because they are sharp rather than smooth, any of which tear the hair out. 

     Nail clippers ~ Millers Forge dog nail scissors. item #MF544C, price / $6.99


    Styptic powder ~ GIMBORN Kwik Stop Powder-1.5 oz.  This is not an option :)   You need styptic powder to stop any bleeding at the tip of the nail!  item #RH60002, price $9.29


    Small straight scissor ~ choose a medium priced pair from a local beauty supply store such as Sally's (not cheapies! There is a difference!)

    Thinning sheers ~ 46' tooth quality thinning shear ~ I'll post a recommendation for both the pet home, and show home very shortly...

    I've made 2 suggestions for a blow dryer for the beginner that can be bought from Kings Wholesale. My preference is for a stand dryer because that frees up your hands for the dog rather than having one hand on the dryer and only one left for the dog. (You need one more to hand groom with :) ) I realize that buying a large stand dryer might be more than a companion owner wants, but for the show home, stand dryers are the best, and quiet enough to talk while you dry!


Air Force Quick draw pictured.

Air Volume: 160 MPH / 85CFM

Air Speed: 18,000FPM



Andis Professional 1875 item #AN75310    

This is am Andis brand, 1875 watt, 4 speed blow dryer, using ionic technology.

It also uses  even-heat ceramic technology. These are better than the old ( before ionic) blow dryers. Should also be quieter. If you choose this route, be sure to keep it cool or warm. The hotter settings will burn the Pom's tender skin and dry out the hair.




Wide Mouth Gear Bag Item # 4902B

This is a very nice bag with pockets inside and out. You can fit your spray bottles, brushes, paper towels, and other grooming gear nicely in one of these. This is what I'm currently using.




          Chris Christensen 7.5" Fine/Extra Course comb #003  

     price approximately:  $26.95 

YES, it makes a difference! You can order one of these superior combs from one of my favorite dog show vendors: COURTNEYS PET SUPPLIES - 1109 HILLVIEW DR., Keller, TX. 76248 TEL: 800-481-5557 FAX: 817-337-5818  he can drop it in the regular mail for a couple of bucks postage, or from any one of the vendors listed on this webpage: http://www.chrissystems.com/vendors.htm Ask for the Chris Christensen 7.5" Fine/Extra Course comb #003

 YES, it makes a difference! This is the very BEST comb I have found in my search and the one I now prefer. The teeth are spaced 11 per inch at the fine end, but the best part is that there are only 3 teeth per inch at the course end! This comb just glides thru the coat like butter, and the extra course end helps get snarls out much easier. Made of stainless steel, these are expensive but highly recommended! The tines at the course end are spaced wider than on most other combs. Works great for getting all the  way to the skin.  Kings Wholesale Pet Supply does not have this item, you  will need to order it  somewhere else: 


Viva paper towels (these are used to clean the  male tummies or the bum area after moistening with the Self Rinse)   Wal-mart carries this brand.

Revolution  (purchased thru veterinarians) Revolution gets not only fleas and ticks, but kills ear mites, and body mites which can cause itching and hair loss. At this time it is by prescription only.  Most Vets should carry this. I personally order mine out of Australia here: http://www.petcarepoint.com/


Note: I will be reviewing this page over the next few days and will add to it as I see a need.

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