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updated 8/23/10


Life is very busy these days as I get set up to return to a hobby I enjoyed before I got into show dogs. I loved sewing in the past, but with adding dogs and a monkey to my family, it became increasingly difficult to work on any projects. I am trying hard to make room to enjoy other hobbies I love, such as gardening, landscaping, photography, cooking, & sewing!

The death of both my brother in February and premature birth and death of my 3 week old baby grandson in April has set me back in my plans to show this year. I loved them both very much. I still hope to get Miranda out this Fall as she should be a quick and flashy girl to show. Hemi is still looking as pretty as ever and has given me a son just as nice as himself.

We have made what I hope to be a permanent move to deep east Texas!


I think I'm going to learn to blog! And tweet and ... I'll keep you all posted!

Thanks for coming ~

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