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updated 8/23/10


This is one of the few show pictures we have had taken. Photographing our  Poms is a hobby my daughter and I enjoy together. We take pleasure in photographing our own dogs and find that we are much better able to  capture the true essence of the dog if we  take the time to do it  ourselves. Often we have seen that there is just not enough time, nor is the setting the best at capturing the dogs best image at a dog show. Purchasing show photo's is expensive enough that I decided to put those funds to better use and applied them to my new camera: Nikon D70


Here I'll share some of my personal techniques. I hope you find something useful during your visit with us. Please bear in mind that we are not 'professionals'. We simply enjoy photography as a hobby. It doesn't take a high dollar piece of equipment to take a civilized photo, but I do suggest something at least mid range.

 To have the best chance at capturing a great snap, you will need to get something in the high end to avoid lag time between shots. since animals are moving targets.

Composition is really important to me as I feel it holds the most significant  difference between a great photo and one that is just so-so. Look around the location site where you plan to take your pictures. Is the telephone pole over there? How about the car or the neighbors garbage cans?  Move your subject somewhere else. Try in front of the foundation plantings and don't be afraid to get down and shoot your subject at eye level. Go location hunting looking anywhere and everywhere for a place to do your photo shoot. Remember it's YOUR photo shoot, YOU are the artist, so above all, have FUN!


It may be a while before I can get back to add more. Watch for new information on this subject a little later on and once again, we are amateurs simply sharing some of our idea's on this subject with you. Thanks for looking!

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