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updated 8/23/10


For breeder/exhibitors all over the world!

Dear Fellow Pom Fancier~

I would like to extend this invitation to the serious Pomeranian breeder, exhibitor to join "The Pomeranian Post”

The pompost is the longest running email discussion list for Poms on the internet. Many breeders you already know are also subscribers to the Pomeranian Post, including many of our mutual Face book friends.

We have a cordial yet colorful group of Pom fanciers who discuss meaningful topics concerning our breed with breeder/exhibitors all over the world! We use this email list to send pictures and join in some friendly chat yet preserving the main purpose of the Pomeranian Post for serious discussion topics concerning the breed. I am very serious about keeping the list free from one liners such as congratulatory posts, complimentary 'cute pup' posts, condolences and the like. For many reasons these type postings are best sent to the intended recipient.

Won't you join us on the Pomeranian Post ?

If you'd like to give it a try, send me an email to keepsakepoms at gmail.com and put 'subscribe me' , in the subject line, and in the body of the mail tell me a little about yourself and your Poms. Let me know how long you've been showing, whether you have had any success in the ring, or whatever you'd like to share.
This list is limited to show breeders/ exhibitors/ & judges of the Pomeranian.   Long timers now retired from breeding are welcome. New exhibitors welcome!
I hope to hear from you soon ~
List owner, Jessie Klein

 email me at keepsakepoms(at)gmail.com   with 'Poms' in the subject line.

       Member of the American Pomeranian Club

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