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Currently in college  and discovering the world thru  her  eyes ~






May the gifts of the world be yours. May you be blessed and inspired by the many wonderful people who will touch your life as you continue to make your way into your own sense of self. When negative forces threaten to shake you, become unshakeable and return to the people, and the things that inspire you.


Know your dreams like the back of your hand, so you won't get lost while following them.

May you be blessed with many.....

Sweet dreams ....

Visions are not found in crystal balls, but rather lead to the core of your dreams. Visions are the road you will follow to reach your ultimate dream.

As you go along the roads of life making choices that affect your future, remember to wish upon the brightest star and not upon the glimmer and glow of the moon.

Most of all, remember that you are very loved. Today, tomorrow, and for all time.

Love Mom


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