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updated 8/23/10

Welcome to Primates in the private sector.


A Non-human primate in the human household is not  for everyone. Please give it a lot of thought before deciding it's right for you and your family. Monkeys require as much attention as a human toddler. They need space and companionship, activities, and toys that stimulate their keen intelligence. In the wild, primates live in families called "troops". In a human family YOU are part of their troop :)

Come meet my little girl Tiffany!

Above is a picture of Tiffany when she was about 3 weeks old. At this age she spent much of her time just looking at the world around her as she stayed clutched to her "stuffy" not quite strong enough to venture off on her own. I've had her since she was a day old.


12 days old she lays quietly on the computer desk :)


Here at 6 wks. old Tiffany naps with a pot bellied pig. The pig, now too large to snuggle with, was owned by my daughter Toni.

Tiffany almost 2 months old. How precious is that!

Here she is 2 mos. old and entertaining herself as she watches our activities. Note that at this age she does not bother her diaper or too many of our things. Later on we will have to use diaper covers made especially for these monk kids.

At 8 mos. old you can see the bonding.


 Tiffany is 10 months old here. She's starting to fill out nicely.


I am not an expert on monkeys. I am simply "mom" to one little New World Primate, and can share only my own experiences along with information I've learned from other people who also share their lives with non-human primates.

Things like calculators keep a monkey busy ... until they tear it up :)


 At a year 1 1/2 yrs. old she's interested in everything. She pokes at the calculator keys with one finger.


Tiffany began her formal training at 2 years of age.  She's been home schooled all her life :)


She loves to have our eyes on her no matter what she's doing. Here 2 yr. old Tiffany enjoys some spring air.

Recess! We enjoy a little fresh air outside together, but always with a waist belt and leash attached. Tiffany is becoming more beautiful everyday and is forever receiving much deserved compliments on her pretty face :)

These pictures show the inquisitive nature of the non-human primate. Here Tiffany is watching everything Carl is doing. She is turning 3 yrs. old right about here.

Capuchins are social creatures of extreme intelligence. They need light, space, physical and mental stimulation as much as they need food and fluids.

We often playfully say: "She's a workin' woman!"



Sleepy baby :) Our little girl is 3 yrs. old here.


3 yr. old Tiffany notices her reflection on the car window. (She's wearing a leash around her waist)

Tiffany enjoys some time with her big sister. my youngest daughter, Tassie.





Tassie adores her baby sister and lives for the day that Tiffany might prefer her over me. Monkeys usually bond very closely with their primary caretakers and though they come to love and enjoy other people, they seem to forever prefer "mama"


Outdoors at a picnic we sneak away for a moment to take photos. I try to interest Tiffany in a pinecone.


My 5 year old little girl is not interested in a pinecone. She wants to be in my lap or on my shoulders right now :)


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